We were referred to Nilou by a family friend almost 4 years ago. My husband and I were looking to purchase our first house, but we were having issues with financing (getting a mortgage) as a result of excessive credit card debt, even though we both had good credit. This is when we were referred to Nilou. She managed to get us a mortgage at a reasonable rate, not the best rate; and not the rate we were looking for, but still a reasonable rate. She promised that she’d be able to make the rate/terms a lot better if we followed her advice. Amazingly, she did something far more important for us, which has greatly and positively impacted our financial health and future. She taught us about credit, credit scores, and how to build up our credit. She got us the mortgage we needed plus enough money to pay off our credit cards. Then, after two years, she got us a new mortgage at a rate that was even better than what we had hoped for.

My husband and I would highly recommended Nilou for her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine caring for her clients and their well-being.

Crystal M

We would like to express our gratitude to you for a job well done. For all the things, the hard, and the efforts in refinancing our mortgage, our heartfelt and warmest GRATITUDE.
Once again, a huge shout out to you.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And Stay healthy during this COVID-19

Maria & Sotero Bernardo

This was the third time we have used Nilou’s services for us, and we know many of our friends and family members have also leveraged on her knowledge and services in the mortgage industry and been more than satisfied. First time we were referred to Nilou was back in 2015 when we were looking to purchase our very first investment property. We went in firm with the offer as our real estate agent had advised us to do it that way. Well, it was not a good advice to say the least. We went to our bank 45 days before the closing and applied for a mortgage there. After more than a month of going back and forth with the mortgage advisor from the bank, we realized that the bank was not going to give us the mortgage. We were freaking out as we were potentially in for a lawsuit . That’s when a dear friend told us that we should call Nilou. At this point we were only 13 days from closing. Needless to say she delivered.

From that first Phone call to having the key of our very first rental property, my wife and I, both,  knew we were dealing with a true professional.
Nilou has helped us with refinancing our primary residence, as well as financing a second investment property since then in 2017 and early 2018.


Ahmed and Sara

I’ve worked with Nilou on more than 30 files for my clients. She has definitely exceeded my and my client’s expectations every time. I can always count on her to do mortgage financing on time and with no head ache. I have recommended her not only to my purchasers also to my fellow realtors. Nilou can get the deal done perfectly every time!!

K. Lee

K. Lee

I wanted to personally thank Niloufar for helping us consolidate all our debts in to one mortgage payment. My family and I were put under a lot of stress trying to make our monthly obligations. Nilou showed us that it was possible to consolidate even though our financial institution had said NO on several occasions. Because of Nilou, my family has peace of mind now. She is honest and loves helping people. I have already recommended her to anyone looking to consolidate or get a mortgage for other reasons.

We are forever grateful to her!!!!

Thank You Niloufar for your professionalism and care. You truly made our experience one of a kind. As a home buyer you brought us peace of mind and our deal went through without any complications. I will recommend you to all my family and friends to use your expertise in the mortgage industry. Thank you

Shamim H.